Reibeckite in Quartz from Bahia


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This quartz crystal is from Bahia, Brazil. It is a transparent quartz crystal that contains inclusions of blue reibeckite crystals. Quartz is a silicate containing the elements Si and O. Reibeckite is also a silicate in the amphiphole group of silicates and it contains the elements Na, Fe, Si, O and H. This type of quartz is commonly called “blue quartz”. The reibeckite crystals are fibrous and silk-like. They penetrate the quartz at the base and form clusters that stand up vertically from the base of the crystals to some of the prism faces and the termination. There are also randomly scattered fibers in the crystals. It can be displayed nicely from several angles. It measures 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 15/16 inches or 32 x 31 x 24 mm.

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