Stilbite Included with Celadonite from the Jalgoan District



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This stilbite is from the Jalgoan District, Maharastra, India. Locale quarries contain zones of vesicle filled basalt that can contain as many as 25 different minerals. This is a unique green colored stilbite that gets it’s color from inclusions of green celadonite. Stilbite is a zeolite mineral containing the elements Na, Ca, Si, Al, O and H. Celadonite is in the mica category of minerals and contains the elements K, Mg, Fe, Al, Si, O and H. This specimen consists of intersecting and interpenetrating crystals and randomly oriented clusters of crystals. The crystals have a vivid deep green color and a bright vitreous luster.. The piece is free from matrix and could be displayed from all sides. The display side has an attractive, dark green, rosette formation of crystals. This piece measures 3 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches or 76 x 38 x 38 mm.

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