Spodumene – Pale Yellow Crystals from the Lagham Province


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These spodumene crystals are from the Lagham Province of Afghanistan.This province is a large area that encompasses many gem bearing pegmatites. There are dozens of mines and diggings that recover many different minerals including spodumene which is often called kunzite when in lilac or purple form. Spodumene is a lithium rich silicate that contains the elements Li, Si, Al and O. Its crystals are usually recrystallized or altered by chemical and temperature changes in the hydothermal solutions in which they formed. This is a trio of merged double terminated crystals that have a small remnant of matrix on the lower termination. They are transparent with internal flawing and they have a glass luster. They have a yellow hue under LED bulb lighting as shown in the photos.This crystal measures 1 13/16 x 1 x 7/8 inches or 46 x 25 x 7/8 mm.

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