Fluorite – Emerald and Purple Crystals – Okorusu Mine



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These fluorites are from the Okorusu Mine in the Otjiwarongo Dist. of the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. This is an open pit operation that is most famous for the variety of  fluorite specimens found there. Fluorite is a halide mineral that contains the elements Ca and F.Specimens from this locale are commonly cut from small vugs found in large massive pieces. The pieces are removed and the excess fluorite is then removed and trimmed.  This is a plate of large (for the locale) emerald fluorite crystals that are translucent to transparent and have multiple purple phantoms located in the stair step corners. This piece measures approximately 3 5/16 x 3 1/2 x 1 1/8 inches or 84 x 88 x 28 mm.


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