Sphalerite – Golden Brown crystals from the Huaron Mining District


This piece is from the Huaron Mine in the San Jose de Huallay District of the Pasco Department of Peru.

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This sphalerite is from the Huaron Mining District of the Huallay District, Pasco Department, Peru. This area contains 15 mines including the Alimon which is where most mineral specimens come from. The mines are large commercial operations for the extraction of silver and silver related minerals. Twenty-one different mineral species are found in this area including several exceptional examples of; sphalerite. This is a high quality piece consisting of a plate like formation of chocolate sphalerite crystals that have a golden sheen and gold internal reflections when viewed under bright light. There are contrasting beige crystals of either calcite or dolomite scattered about the display side. This piece measures 3 x 2 1/8 x 1 5/16 inches or 76 x 53 x 33 mm.

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