Libethenite – Large Crystals with Uranium Minerals – Kambove District


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These libethenite crystals are from the Kambove District, Haut-Katanga,Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is a large area that contains many mines that contain over 170 different minerals  including libethenite and what is believed to be the largest variety of uranium minerals known. This particular specimen consists of an altered sandstone-type matrix that is covered on the display surface with relatively large (for the species) libethenite crystals and deposits of yellow, green and orange uranium minerals. There is also what appears to be black tenorite or heterogenite on the piece. The libethenite crystals are dipyramidal and have varying amounts of inclusions or replacements of/by the uranium minerals. This piece measures 3 x 1 13/16 x 15/16 inches or 76 x 46 x 24 mm.

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