Diaspore Crystal from Selcuk, Mugla Province, Aegean Region


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This diaspore crystal is from Selcuk in the Mugla Province, Aegean Region, Turkey. Large crystals of gem diaspore were first found as a component mineral in the commercial bauxite mines in the area. It is in the oxide;hydroxide group of minerals and it contains the elements Al, H, and O. It varies in color depending on the trace elements in the crystal matrix. The Jewelry trade sells it under the names csarite, ottomanite and zultanite and all are false. This is a transparent crystal with a glass luster and a pale yellow color with minor oxide deposits. The rear surface has a naturally cleaved healed surface (photo 3). Both ends of the crystal have natural terminations. This crystal measures 1 1/2 x 1/4 x 1/4 inches or 38 x 7 x 7 mm.

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