Topaz – 15 mm London Blue Crystal from Minas Gerais


These are “London” blue topaz crystals from Minas Gerais Brazil. One is an uncut, natural, crystal measuring 14 mm across and weighing  12 carats. It is slightly water worn and has a sawed bottom. The other is a brilliant round cut and faceted crystal measuring 6 mm across and weighing  1.5 carats.

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This “London” blue topaz crystal from Minas Gerais Brazil. Topaz is a silicate and it contains the elements Al, Si, O, F, and H. It can be found in a variety of colors which are created by different trace impurities in the crystal lattice. This crystal has water worn prism faces and a sawed angled surface on the rear of the crystal. It has a resinous to vitreous luster and a gem transparent interior. It measures 15 x 10 x 11 mm.

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Weight 4 oz