Tetrahedrite with Manganoan Calcite/Quartz – Huaron Mining District


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This tetrahedrite is from the Huaron Mining District of the Huallay District, Pasco Department, Peru. This area contains 15 mines including the Alimon which is where most mineral specimens come from. The mines are large commercial operations mining for the extraction of silver and other metals. Twenty-one different mineral species are found in this area including the copper sulfate tetrahedrite. It contains the elements Cu, Fe, Sb, and S. This specimen consists of a matrix of sphalerite and pyrite crystals that is topped with mound-like formations of tetrahedrite crystals, needle quartz, calcite and manganoan calcite as well as an exposed large sphalerite. This is a large heavy piece (3 lb) that measures approximately 5 3/8 x 4 x 3 (tall) inches or 136 x 102 x 76 mm.

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