Kunzite Crystal Pendant with Sterling Bezel – 35 -mm


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This is a kunzite crystal pendant consisting of a natural crystal and a sterling silver bezel. Kunzite is the name given to pink and purple gem grade crystals. It is a silicate that contains the elements Li, Al, Si and O. Most crystals, like this one, have been altered and recrystallized in the hydro-thermal fluids in which they were formed by changes in the fluid chemistry or temperature. This gives the exterior of the crystals etched and secondary growth patterns. This crystal is double terminated and all the prism faces are pleochronic and recrystallized. Kunzite has a myriad of metaphysical properties including, but not limited to: physical healing and improvement, Chakra healing and spirituality.. This pendant measures, to the top surface of the bezel, approximately 40 x 15 x 6 mm and it weighs 54 carats

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