Fluorite from the Henan Province – Emerald Green Color


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This fluorite is from the Yinyang Prefecture, Henan Province of China. It is often found as a gangue mineral in the mines of the area. Fluorite is a member of the halide family and it contains the elements Ca, and F. Pure fluorite is colorless but it comes in a wide range of colors due to trace elements in the crystal matrix. This is a mound like formation of highly modified fluorite crystals.The elongated crystals form interpenetrating sheath like clusters. They reflect the light in glistening flashes. The piece has a beautiful emerald translucence, especially, when back lighted as in photo 2. Back lighting was done with a small LED pocket flashlight. This piece measures 5 x 5 x 1 3/4 inches or 130 x 127 x 45 mm.

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