Tourmalines – Cuprian and Rubellite Varieties – Paraiba


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This tourmaline is from Sao Jose da Batalha, Salgadinho, Borborema mining district, Paraiba, Brazil. Some of the pegmatites in this district produce a rare variety of elbaite tourmaline that has a unique blue green color. Elbaite contains the elements Al, B, H, Na, O, and Si. It comes in a variety of colors based on the presence of trace elements in the crystal lattice. Copper is the element responsible for the blue green color in this elbaite. This piece is a complex crystal consisting of a mix of red rubellite and blue-green elbaite commonly referred to as “Paraiba”. The prism faces are striated with a glass luster. The ends have healed surfaces. This piece measures 19 x 18 x 10 mm.

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