Realgar with Mineral Crystal Mix from the Palomo Mine


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This realgar with a mineral crystal mix is from the Palomo Mine, Castro, Virreyna Province, in the Huancavelica Department of Peru. This mine was closed for commercial mining but is currently being worked for the recovery of mineral specimens. It contains 21 mineral species including many in the sulfide family. This specimen contains three different varities of sulfides including realgar (As and S), galena (Lb and S), and pyrite (Fe with S). It has a unique association of realgar, orpiment and anorpiment. The piece also contains quartz, galena, and pyrite crystals as well as other micro crystals. It measures 3 11/16 x 2 9/16 x 1 5/16 inches or 91 x 65 x 34 mm.

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