Realgar Crystals from the No. 5 Mine, Baia Sprie, Maramures


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This realgar is from the No. 5 Mine in Baia Sprie (Felsobanya), Maramures County, Romania. This area has been one of the most important mining centers in Romania since approximately 1411. Gold and silver minerals were the primary ores mined here. There are 100 different species of minerals and over 20 different sulfide minerals found in Baia Sprie including realgar. It contains the elements arsenic and sulfur. This specimen consists of a grey quartz rich brecciated matrix that hosts a cluster of realgar crystals. They have an electric red orange color and vitreous luster. This piece measures 1 x 13/16 x 3/4 inches or 25 x 20 x 19 mm.

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