Monazite – Large 41 mm Twinned Crystal – Ambatofotsikely Pegmatite


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This monazite crystal is from the Ambatotoftsikely pegmatite in Betsohana, Mandoto, Vakinankaratra, Madagascar. Fifteen different minerals can be found in this pegmatite including several rare earth like monazite (Ce). Monazite (Ce) is a rare phosphate that contains the elements Ce, P and O as well as traces of other rare earth elements. This locale is famous for the rather large crystals that have been found there. This crystal is large for the species and can be displayed form both vertical or horizontal positions. It has a tabular morphology with parallel twinning exhibited on one side and one termination. It has terminated surfaces on all sides with what might be remnant matrix or a former attachment point on one edge (photo 14). It has a brown color and a matte to resinous luster. It is a extremely large for the species and measures 41 x 28 x 14 mm as displayed in photo 6.

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