Malachite and Chrysocolla from Lubumbashi, Katanga


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This malachite and chrysocolla is from the Star of the Congo Mine, Lubumbashi, Katanga Copper Cresent, Katanga, Zaire. This mine is abandoned but is still worked by the local population for the recovery of mineral specimens. Malachite is a carbonate containing the elements Cu, C, O and H. It is a secondary mineral found in weathered copper ore deposits. Chrysocolla is a secondary silicate containing the elements Cu, Al, H, Si and O. It is commonly found in association with malachite This specimen consists of a stratified copper mineral matrix that is topped with exceptional blue chrysocolla and glistening malachite. The malachites have small euhedral habits and form glisteninng ball-like clusters on top of the chrysocolla. This piece measures 2 3/4 x 1 5/8 x 1 inches or 70 x 41 x 25 mm.

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