Fluorite – Large Crystal Plate from the Rogerley Mine



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This fluorite  is from the Rogerley Mine in Frosterley, North Pennes, Co. Durham, England, United Kingdom. This is one of the few mines that is operated strictly for the recovery of mineral specimens. It contains seven different mineral species and the emerald colored highy fluorescent fluorite is the most sort after. It is a halide that contains the elements Ca and f. This specimen consists of hundreds of translucent cubic fluorite and steely-grey cuboctahedral galena crystals on a sandstone matrix (sawed Base and rear). Most of the fluorites are interpenetration twins. Photo 3 shows the piece in LW UV light although it has some fluorescence in SW UV light also. and photo 4 shows it in a combination of lamp and UV light. UV photos are illuminated with a Raytec lamp.This is a large cabinet sized piece measures 7 x 4 1/4 x 1 3/4 inches or 1 80 x 117 x 45 mm.

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