Beryl Emerald from the Boyaca Department – .76 ct


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This emerald is from the Mun. de Muzo, in the Vasquez-Yacopi Mining District, Boyaca Department, Colombia. There are over a dozen mines in the area that produce most of the emeralds in the world. Emerald is the rare green, gem, variety of beryl. Beryl comes in a variety of colors and emerald is the most sort after. It is a silicate that contains the elements Be, Al, Si, and O. It’s gets its unique color is from the incorporation of the trace elements chromium or vanadium in the crystal lattice. This is a gem quality double terminated crystal. One end has a flat termination and the other is an irregular healed surface. It has a rich chrome color and glass luster. This crystal measures 8 x 3 x 3 mm and it weighs .76 carats.

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