Elbaite Tourmaline – 73 mm Crystal from Conselheiro Pena


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This elbaite tourmaline, variety verdelite, is from the Conselheiro Pena pegmatite district in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This localeĀ  contains over 12 different mines and claims that produce 18 different mineral species including Elbaite. Elbaite is in the Tourmaline Group of minerals. It is a silicate and it contains the elementsĀ  Al, B, H, Li, Na, O and Si. It can be found in a variety of colors which are caused by traces of other elements in the crystal lattice. This is a two toned green crystal with a dark green complex termination and a green to blue green barrel. It is somewhat translucent with strong back lighting. Approximately 80% of the rear surface has an irregular shape (possibly a former attachment point). It has been covered with healed growth and deposits small secondary tourmaline crystals. Some surfaces host minor druse muscovite. It measures 2 7/8 x 9/16 x 7/16 inches or 73 x 14 x 11 mm.

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