Creedite – Spherical Cluster from the Mina Navidad



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This creedite is from the Navida Mine in Absolo, Mun. de Rodeo, Durango, Mexico. This is a fluorite mine that contains 16 different types of minerals including creedite. The veins in the mine contain vugs and voids that can contain 16 different minerals including creedite. It is a halide that contains the elements Ca, Al, S, O, H, and F. This specimen is a radiating spherical cluster of creedite crystals with a fluorite matrix at the base. The crystals are transparent, glassy, and are covered with bright orange oxides. The piece is missing a couple of crystals on the rear side (photo 3). This piece measures 2 1/4 x 2 1/8 x 2 inches or 57 x 53 x 50 mm.

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