Chrysoberyl Crystals from Espirito Santo, Brazil



These chrysoberyl crystals are from Colatina in Espirito Santo, Brazil. The Colatina area is large and contains dozens of mines and prospects so the exact provenance of individual crystals are vague. Chrysoberyl is an oxide that contains the elements Be, Al, and O. It is used as a gemstone and alexandrite is the purple variety of chrysoberyl. This crystal is an example of an elongated parallel twin that has a cyclic sixling twin termination. The prism faces of the primary crystal hosts smaller crystals that form the twinned termination. The crystals are double terminated with the basal termination having healed surfaces. The crystal is translucent with yellow interior and a vitreous luster. It measures 19 x 8 x 5 mm.

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Weight 4 oz