Chalcanthite – Stunning Crystals from the Planet Mine


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This chalcanthite is from the Planet Mine, 350 foot level, Planet, Santa Maria District, Buckskin Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona, USA. The Planet Mine produced ores of iron, copper, silver and gold from 1863 to 1937. Chalcanthite is a sulfate mineral that contains the elements Cu, S, O, and H. This specimen consists of a mixed clay stone matrix that hosts elongated fibrous chalcanthite crystals. The crystals are translucent with a glass to silken luster. This piece measures 1 3/4 tall x 1 x 5/8  (matrix) or 45 x 25 x 16 mm.

There could be light shedding of some crystal fibers during shipment which should not take away from the characteristics of the piece.

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