Calcite from the Elmwood Mine, Tennessee


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This calcite crystal is from the Elmwood Mine in Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee, Ba-F-Pb-Zn District, US. This mine contains three shafts called the Elmwood, Cumberland, and Gordonsville. It has an entry slope called the Stonewall. They contain eleven different minerals including sphalerite which is the main ore mineral. This piece consists of a double terminated calcite crystal with attached barite at the base. It a honey color and a a glassy luster. The termination has some slight cleaving on one plain (visible in photo 2) which is common on Elmwood calcites. The base of the crystal has a remnant barite crystal matrix. Several small calcites grew on the remnant base after the crystal separated from its original barite matrix. This piece is measures 2 9/16 x 1 5/16 x 1 1/4 inches or 65 x 33 x 32 mm.

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