Beryl, variety Emerald, from Carnaiba, Brazil


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This beryl, variety emerald, crystal is from the Carnaiba mining district, Pindobacu, Campo Formese Ultramafic Complex, Bahia, Brazil. This area contains large deposits of emeralds and many mines, claims and diggings. Exact locations are usually keep a secret for obvious reasons. Beryl is a silicate that contains the elements Be, Al, Si and O. WhenĀ  in pure form it is colorless. However trace impurities, such as chromium and vanadium, can be present in the found in the crystal lattice creating a variety of colors including the green gem variety named emerald. This double terminated crystal is translucent with gem areas. It has an almandine luster and contains minor matrix. It measures 10 x 9 x 9 mm and weighs 7.7 carats.

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