Beryl – Variety Aquamarine Crystal from Erongo


This aquamarine crystal is from Erongo in the Omaruru District of Erongo, Namibia. It is a rich blue, terminated, crystal that hosts black tourmaline, variety schorl, crystals.

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This beryl, variety aquamarine, is from Erongo Mt. in the Erongo Region of Namibia. This area contains 60 different mineral species including aquamarine and schorl. Aquamarine is the blue gem variety of beryl and it contains the elements Be, Al, Si and O. Different colors of beryl such as emerald, aquamarine and heliodor are produced when there are trace elements in the crystal lattice. Schorl is an iron rich variety of tourmaline that contains the elements Na, Fe, Al, Si, O, B, and H. This crystal is a twinned crystal that isĀ  mostly transparent with internal flawing. It has a sharp, six-sided, habit and a flat termination. It has minor schorl tourmaline at the base.The piece has a glassy luster and measures 1 x 3/4 x 1/2 inches or 25 x 19 x 13 mm.

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