Apophyllite Crystal Stalactite from the Jalgoan District


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This apophyllite crystal stalactite is from Jalgoan District in the Maharastra State of India. Many stunning mineral species are recovered in basalt and other igneous deposits in the area. Mineral crystals can be found in vesicles and vugs within the deposits. Apophyllite is in the phyllosilicate mineral class. It contains the elements K, Na, Ca, Si, O, F, and H. This is a sparking stalactite (stalagmite?) consisting of dozens of water clear crystals. They have a pearly to vitreous luster. The sides and terminations are complete and intact and it can be displayed from any side. This piece measures 2 3/4 x 1 1/8 x 1 inches or 70 x 28 x 25 mm.

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