Anglesite Pseudomorph of Galena – Blanchard Mine, New Mexico


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This anglesite is from the Blanchard Mine near Bingham, Hasonburg District,  Socorro County, New Mexico, USA. This mine was a lead mine and galena was the principal ore although other lead minerals such as anglesite are present. It is classified as a sulfate and it  contains the elements Pb, S and O. This specimen is an anglesite replacement or pseudomorph of a galena crystal. It retains the sharp edges and corners of the crystal. The surfaces of the pseudomorph faces are well defined with a rusty color that is topped by red crystals in some areas. This piece measures 2 x 2 x 1 5/8 inches or 50 x 50 x 41 mm. It is heavy for it’s size and it weighs 10 oz before packaging.

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